Carpet stain treatment

Care Tips

Carpet Care Tips

A few handy care tips to help keep your carpets clean

1. Don’t wear shoes in the house, they could scuff and mark your carpets, as well as bringing in dirt from outside.
2. Vacuum clean regularly – at least once a week. Vacuum in different directions i.e North to South and East to West. This ensures dry soil is removed in between all fibres. Don’t forget the awkward places.
3. If you can, rotate the position of your furniture. This can avoid creating flat spots and creating wear and heavy traffic areas. Look at the carpet in front of where you sit.
4. Accidents can occur at any time. Always use a damp white cloth or white kitchen roll and cold water to blot– DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB – from the edge of a spill and work to the centre to limit the staining. Don’t press too hard or you could cause the stain to go deeper into the fibres. Baking soda may be used to lift a stain. Family and friends may also have tips. Act quickly.
5. Having a stain protector applied after professional cleaning can prevent future staining. Prevention is better than Cure.
6. Regular cleaning / maintenance may extend the life of your carpets and may save you the expense of replacement , once a year is recommended by carpet manufacturers.

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