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Carpet Cleaning Method

Prior to any work being undertaken, a survey/inspection of the items to be cleaned will be carried out

This is to identify the type of carpet/fabric to be cleaned. It also allows us to identify any previous stains/marks, worn or damaged areas, fading and potential problems that may arise during the cleaning process.

The carpet/item to be cleaned will then be vacuum cleaned. Around 80% of dry soiling in carpets is made up of dust and grit, and so removing this first will reduce the overall cleaning time, use less water, and improve drying time.


We have two methods for carpet cleaning, both give excellent results.

Low moisture soil removal 

  • This process involves using two products, a cleaning agent and a netralising product. After vacuuming the cleaning agent is applied to the carpet and the neutraliser is mixed with the cleaning solution by means of a heated pad.
  • The two products when mixed together release the soil, the pad is then used to absorb and remove the soil from the carpet ready for resetting the pile

Hot Water extraction 

  • After vacuuming a pre-spray is applied to the Carpet to help break down the soil ready for the next part of the Cleaning process.
  • A fine mist of hot water is then injected into the carpet and immediately extracted, removing the soil and leaving your carpets clean and fresh
  • Once the carpet has been cleaned, the area is then groomed. This can aid drying time, and will make the carpets appear brighter, healthier and look like new
  • After the cleaning process of carpets or upholstery, it is recommended that a stain protector is applied
  • Drying times may vary, dependent on air circulation, carpet structure and air temperature

We only use “Eco Friendly” products

It is recommended by carpet manufacturers that carpets/upholstery are professionally cleaned on a regular basis, to keep them looking good, and could prolong the life of your furnishings.

Regular cleaning of carpets could improve the health of you and your family, and could save you significant replacement costs!

“Keep it Bright, keep it Carpet Bright”

Hot Water Extraction

Carpet Spraying
Applying the cleaning solution
Carpet Brushing
Brushing the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres
Carpet Extraction
Rinsing and extracting the soil from the carpet
Carpet Vacuuming
Setting the pile. This also aids the drying process

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