To ensure Your carpets and upholstered items of furniture are cleaned to a high standard, Carpet Bright work within the guidelines developed by the National Carpet Cleaners Association ( NCCA ) in collaboration with the British Standards Institution (BSI).

These guidelines are presented in the form of a document known as PAS 86, and is publicly available to view.

There are different methods to carpet cleaning; depending on the fibers and the type of carpet to be cleaned, will indicate to the Professional Cleaning Technician, the correct cleaning process to be used.

An example of some of the process’ are Hot Water Extraction – usually for domestic carpets , Low Moisture cleaning –  for low profile  carpet, often found in office/ heavy traffic environments, Dry Compound cleaning – for carpets that are not suitable for wet cleaning such as Sisal – and Sea grass.

When you book a Pre-clean survey with Carpet Bright, we can determine the correct procedure and product to use on your carpets to achieve the best possible results.

This year, Carpet Bright have been elected as an Advanced member of the NCCA, which we are very pleased about.

As a member of the NCCA, we undertake Training regularly, this enables us to stay up to date with cleaning methods and new products that are available to the Professional cleaning Technician. It also gives us the opportunity, to see new equipment that has been developed for our industry.

If you are thinking about having your carpets or soft furnishings cleaned, contact Carpet Bright for a FREE no obligation quote.

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